Samantha Stojkovich

Women’s Health & Nutrition Specialist


As a Women’s Specialist & Nutrition Coach, it is my job to guide clients into living their best life. My practice is about creating sustainable healthy habits in your everyday routine in order to create lasting success.

So whether you’re looking to heal endometriosis, ovarian cysts, lose some weight, alleviate stress, gain more body confidence or sleep better I’m here to provide you with the necessary tools & knowledge to obtain optimal health. While I respect many practices out there, I for one will not put you on a strict diet…in fact I will teach you the opposite. Life is about balance, and that’s what I’m here to teach you.

I believe that health is not a singular destination, rather an ever-evolving journey as we pass through life’s many fluctuations. So let’s reshape how we view food, fitness, wellbeing and remember that one size doesn’t fit all. We are all unique and because of that we will start with what works for you.


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